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About Me

I have always been passionate about supporting people to be the best and happiest versions of themselves. This led me to pursue a career focussed on people.

I worked in corporate Human Resources for 17 years, towards the end of which, I experienced coaching for the first time. I was immediately struck by how coaching conversations could be so helpful. I realised how I held the key to my own answers to my challenges. I experienced first hand how having someone effectively ‘facilitate’ my thinking, enabled all sorts of answers, strategies and possibilities to emerge.  Coaching had a truly transformational effect on my work and my outlook on life. It was then that I knew I was meant to be a coach.

I set up Chrysalis Coaching Limited in 2001 offering HR consulting services whilst also attending Ashridge Business school to become an accredited coach.  Since then I have focussed primarily on coaching and also on leadership development and have had the privilege of working with many inspirational clients.

I have also had the privilege of working with and learning from numerous world class coaches and facilitators. I have had training in both traditional coaching as well as equine assisted coaching. Together they provide me with a broad spectrum of coaching techniques and perspectives. I am able to call upon these mentors and networks when clients require additional resources during our work together. 

I take huge satisfaction from helping people see their true potential, find their purpose, remove limiting beliefs, and see a new path that may lead to results they never imagined possible. I am often in awe of what my clients achieve.

My life is very much focussed on ongoing professional development, personal growth and fulfilment and this gives me a wide range of resources to draw upon in service of my clients.  I believe strongly in the value of well-being as a necessity for high performance and happiness and I live that value.  I routinely have personal training sessions, I have been doing yoga for many years and find the yogic philosophy to be very helpful from a personal growth and well-being perspective.  I am constantly in training with my own horse for various amateur competitions.  I attend retreats around the world to explore alternative methods of personal growth and rejuvenation.  I find this state of always being a ‘learner’ to be very valuable, not only in terms of acquiring knowledge but also in relating to my clients and helping them along their own personal development journeys.

Lisa Saunders

“Lisa was a fantastic coach to the entire faculty. She was able to communicate and facilitate the team the entire week. I especially appreciated her coaching for my Faculty Lead presentations. She also showed an impressive ability to influence us as faculty to make the experience as strong as it could be.”

Commercial Director


  • Ashridge Accredited Coach
  • Licensed Social Styles Instructor, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (I and II) and Strengthscope Practitioner
  • Memberships; Ashridge Alumni, Chartered Member of the CIPD.
  • Trained Equine Assisted Coach


Ethics and Professional Standards

  • I subscribe to the International Coaching Federation’s Code of Ethics
  • I have my own coach
  • I attend coaching supervision
  • I undertake Continuing Personal Development as part of my professional practice